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About Us

We’re building an AI engine for full-cycle automated LiveOps, including smart Segmentation and customer-centric IAP monetization. By analyzing billions of data facts per day, our AI engine models are training to give you a better understanding of your players better, reach their true money potential, and keep them playing longer.

Kseniia Maiboroda

A pioneering tech company that stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and making the transformation of the mobile game industry with AI customer-centric monetization. 

We have partnered with top game studios around the world who are using the Elevatix engine to elevate their games to the top-grossing in a challenging business landscape.

Yevgeniy Maiboroda

Kseniia Maiboroda

Co-founder, CEO

Kseniia Maiboroda

Co-founder, COO

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Our Values

players segmentation


Focus on your result

The success of our customers is paramount in our work. We're constantly developing high-tech solution to make it easily accessible to you. We evolve to save your resources, boost your revenue, and provide you the freedom to create amazing games. Our primary focus is on the unique needs of each customer, making Elevatix your personal secret key to unlimited LTV growth.

players segmentation


Every member of our team boasts extensive experience in game development, allowing us to understand the landscape and challenges you face firsthand. Our AI engine is crafted as a highly specialized solution for games, based on the best market values specific to the industry, making us truly unique.

players segmentation


Make it simple

We bring cutting-edge AI technology to every game. Quick and easy integration provides access to world-class live operations. With just one click, boost your game monetization, make CPI more effective, and keep players engaged for longer.

Our Mission

We're spearheading a revolution in mobile gaming monetization, making cutting-edge AI solutions accessible to every gaming company.

We're ushering in an era in mobile gaming where studios no longer have to make a trade-off between LTV and retention.

We've crafted a Win-Win solution: games unlock their maximum revenue potential, and players enjoy a flawless user experience filled with fun!


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players segmentation
players segmentation
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