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Elevatix transforms your game using real-time players behaviour to grow revenue and empower engagement. AI-powered IAPs for each player with tailored bundle and price, in right place at the right time in fully automated mode.

Elevate LTV and grow

mobile game monetisation
mobile games
mobile games



Segmentation and Profiling

AI-powered multi level Segmentation based on hundreds in-game player actions. Renew in real time, create tailored strategy for each player. Forget about generic approach per cohort. You can touch every player.


Real time offers for each player

Analyzing millions of events every day, we feature Personal offers for each player with custom bundle and price, at the right moment in the game to optimise great UX and maximise conversion rate

mobile game monetisation

Custom store, Subscriptions and more

Segmented in-game store, IAP subscriptions, rolling offers and beyond. Full cycle monetization and liveops with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness, ensuring every interaction maximizes your revenue 

mobile game segmentation
mobile game monetisation

TOP grossing games choose us as effective partner

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