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How Does It Work?

We study players’ real-time behavior 🎮 and go into detail while researching what drives their desire to buy. Machine learning algorithms can build customized strategies for each player and set auto-generated IAPs on the fly based on the actual state.

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Your results

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Increasing player's LTV

You'll get an increasing LTV from 15% to 41%

Decreasing average CPI

Each user will spend at their highest potential

Saving effort

Just Integrate. All things will be done by AI

Turn data into
money right now

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Easy stages

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Elevatix' pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your game, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing info. Simply fill out the form to get started. And we'll come back to you with a response the same day.

Import as a Unity package to your project

Set up business events for metrics-tracking in the project

Initialize it with your secret data and enable the plugin

Monitor integration

Get IAPs that start working automatically

Control Elevatix results on dashboards

Contact us

See Elevatix in action

Schedule a personalized demonstration of
how Elevatix can boost your LTV

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