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We study players’ real-time behavior 🎮 and go into detail while researching what drives their desire to buy. Machine learning algorithms can build customized strategies for each player and set auto-generated IAPs on the fly based on the actual state.

AI for gaming

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We segment players based on their purchase history and in-game behavior
This gives us a solid foundation to develop the customized in-app purchase strategy for each player to raise their LTV to 41%.

AI system  

As we’re an AI system that studies the game industry's big data (taking into account game genre) and is specified precisely by your players, we provide high-tech accuracy, not interpretation by people.

Monetisation strategy

You can connect several games to our platform at once. Our artificial intelligence algorithms will work with each separately, collecting and analyzing data and offering an effective monetization strategy.

Successful cases of our developers will confirm effective cooperation with us

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